Part One: Chapter One


I was finally on some kind of a roll for my latest legacy when, lo and behold, I had to uninstall and reinstall my game. Not only that, but I failed to back up my files. Meaning (obviously) that my legacy went bye-bye.

But I decided to look at the positive side. Which is that I can try again with another story idea I had–except that this version is, yes, a legacy, but I affectionately call it a “dramacy”. Why is this, you ask? Because while it is a legacy, it follows a carefully structured storyline as well that is reminiscent of a soap opera or a drama novel of sorts. Hence? “Dramacy.” Oh, how I like the way that sounds.

Anyways, so I have written the first part of my new dramacy, which I hope is a good read for everyone. I’ve titled the dramacy “What I’ve Done” (obviously ^.^). Please leave your thoughts and comments and whatnot either on the blog or else on the thread; I read everything posted on both, and it is much appreciated to hear from readers. So here it is, Part One: Chapter One!

Something about the way the light was hitting her square in the face felt entirely too unnatural to be morning sunlight. She opened her eyes to squinting slits, her mouth opening in a hoarse, groggy yawn at the same time. Every inch of her body—including her brain—felt like it had been hit by a series of eighteen-wheelers.

She opened her eyes more and realized that her surroundings were completely unfamiliar to her. The intrusive light that had so rudely woken her up came from a lamp beside the strange bed she found herself lying on. The wallpaper was dowdy and faded, and the air smelled like oatmeal and salt. She was already lost, and she hadn’t even moved yet.

And then a voice asked, “Jesus Christ, are you okay?”

She bolted up on the bed, pressing as much of herself against the headboard as much as she could in her shock. Her eyes, so reminiscent of a deer in headlights, darted to the friendly face of Jacob Starr, who was sitting in a chair beside the bed. She relaxed. She knew Jake enough to feel a bit more comfortable in her foreign surroundings.

“I’m fine,” she told him. Her voice sounded gravelly, as if she hadn’t spoken in weeks. “Why?”

He stood up, urgency and concern scribbled haphazardly across his face. “What are you talking about, Aurora? You’re not fine.” He spat the word out as if it had a bitter taste. “You said we had to get out of there. You said, ‘We’re next.’ What’s going on?”

She heaved herself upright and slid her legs off the side of the bed. “I don’t know what you mean, Jake.” A hint of a smile played on her lips, as if she thought he was toying with her.

He set his jaw firmly and spoke with a strong staccato on each word. “My sister is dead. Your husband is dead. You told me, ‘We’re next,’ so I got us out of Bridgeport. I’ve been by your side ever since you passed out in your bedroom; you’ve pretty much been in a coma until now. But you’re awake now, so I want to know what’s going on.”

“Jake, I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about. Really.”

He put his hands to his chest, his eyes seeming to fall to the floor in despair. Softly, he said, “Shannon’s dead, Aurora. My big sister. And Wes, my friend and your husband, is dead along with her. I don’t know what I’m doing here, and I don’t know where to start to find out. Help me.”

She could feel a strange tingling in her fingertips as she heard him speak the names of their loved ones. His plea for help hurt her heart, so she pressed into her own mind as hard as she could to try to divulge some bit of helpful information.

And then she remembered.

She didn’t know why she didn’t expect it. But the sight that met her eyes stopped her dead in her tracks and left her to emotionally bleed.

She and Wes had been married for just over four years, and never before in their entire marriage had she seen him so attracted to anyone, including her, as he was to Shannon Starr. And now he was mounting that hussy like she was a prize he’d earned.

Aurora knew she was mad, but she didn’t know how mad. He was the only man she’d allowed herself to love since her father’s untimely death, and she’d given him everything of herself that she had to give. She’d thought her heart was in good, if not slightly rough, hands.

But now she felt it crumble into tiny, jagged pieces of glass, slicing her lungs that kept her breathing, her eyes that kept her seeing, and her brain that kept her thinking straight.

“You fucking asshole!” she shrieked. Her voice cut through the music and the sounds of lovemaking like a hot knife through butter. The couple looked up in surprise, saw her standing there with fists clenched, and jumped out of the bed. Aurora stormed over to Wes and screamed, “I knew you would pull some kind of bullshit like this!”

“What?” he barked, spreading his hands to emphasize his innocence. “You’re never home!”

Aurora was almost struck speechless with the weight of his stupidity. “So that makes it okay? Because I’m out there working to support your lazy ass, that means it’s just fine for you to do whatever or whoever you want?”

“I don’t see why you’re being such a bitch about this,” he snapped. “You’re the one who always says you want me to be happy. You haven’t fucked me once this week. So I think you’re the one who’s pulling some bullshit.”

She spun around and started to walk toward the dresser. “I’m not doing this,” she said. “We’re fucking done.”

He took a step toward her departing figure and replied scornfully, “Yeah, right. What, like you’re going to leave me? You’re too dependent. You couldn’t leave me if you tried.”

As he spoke, she slid open the top drawer of the dresser where she kept her panties. Amidst the vivid colors and satiny fabrics, there was a hard, black revolver snuggled in. She slid her hand over it for a second, admiring how cool and calm and collected the revolver was in such a moment of crisis. She’d stopped listening to Wes degrade her, but her ears caught his final statement: “You need me.”

The gun was in her hand before she blinked, and it was pointing at him just as quickly with a shaking, furious, heartbreaking hand.

“Need you? I don’t need anybody,” she shrieked. Her words had barely escaped her mouth before the revolver shouted its sharp battle cry, and Wes went down to the floor. She didn’t even know where she’d shot him at first, because there was no blood to be seen, but as his body eased into complete limpness on the carpet, she saw the crimson stream pouring from his stomach like a river of regret.


She had nearly forgotten that Shannon was there, but the girl’s shaky interjection gave Aurora a clear reminder. Shannon was holding her head and swaying like she was going to pass out, and her expression was one of unmistakable queasiness. Aurora walked over to the other woman, whose eyes opened in immeasurable amounts.

“Don’t—“ Shannon cried, but before she could say another word, Aurora lifted the gun and pulled the trigger.

Shannon lifted a sinful hand to her heart, where the bullet had entered. She made a repulsive gurgling noise, and then her body fell to the ground with the same limpness that Wes’s had. It was the last thing the cheating couple would share.

Aurora walked over to the lifeless female body and looked down at it. Rather than nauseating or frightening her, the unmoving figure only made her angrier. Her husband had been kissing those lips, touching those curves, removing those panties.

“Bitch,” she said.

Then she dropped the gun.

Without the weight of the weapon in her hand, her emotions seemed to overpower her to a point of numbness. She lifted her palms to her face and smelled the tang of metal and the burn of murder. Her throat began contracting, and her stomach twisted in tight knots. She couldn’t breathe. Her hands fell uselessly to her sides, and she turned her back on the grisly scene. The door watched her accusingly. She stared back at it, her only exit from this horror, and tried to force her legs to move so she could escape this nightmare. But she couldn’t walk. She just stood and stared.

She was still standing there when Jake walked in. He stopped short when he saw the scene before him. The rusty stench of blood was overwhelming, Aurora was sure, though she couldn’t smell it. He coughed, then gagged, and dropped his head in an effort to get a hold of himself.

When he lifted his head again, his eyes fell on Aurora. He immediately snapped into action.

“What happened? Aurora, what happened?” he demanded.

She didn’t look at him. She couldn’t. A silence began to swell between them, but Jake wouldn’t let her deny him information. He stepped closer to her and looked her in the face. “What happened?”

Her eyes stayed glued to the open dresser drawer as she creakily murmured, “We’re next.”

He grabbed her by the arms and shook her slightly. “We’re next? What do you mean? Talk to me, Aurora.”

She finally looked up and met his frightened eyes. “I need to go,” she told him. She didn’t even realize she was crying. “Wes is dead. I need to go.”

“How did this happen? Tell me!” Jake cried, shaking her more roughly this time.

“I want him back. I want my husband back,” she sobbed. “We’re next.”

And then she collapsed.

With a growing pit of shame and pain in her stomach, Aurora looked Jake directly in his worried, unanswered eyes. “Omigod,” she murmured. “Wes is dead.”

Jake didn’t say anything; he just kept his eyes trained firmly on her.

“I’m sorry, Jake,” she whispered.

“Why are you sorry?” he asked.

She shook her head, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. Every inch of her was beginning to hurt with a skin-shredding emotional pain. She couldn’t look at him as she prepared to say what she had to say. He took a step toward her, but she lifted her broken face to stop him coming any closer. She steeled herself, and opened her mouth to speak what had to be spoken.

“I don’t know what happened.”

Jake stared at her in stony silence for a moment, then he crossed the space between them and pulled her into his arms. She broke down, sobbing heavily and violently. He rubbed her back soothingly and said quietly next to her ear, “I know. Neither do I. But we’ll get this figured out, okay? We’ll find out what son of a bitch killed my sister and your husband, and we’ll make sure he gets what’s coming to him, okay? And then we can go back home to Bridgeport and try to move on with our lives.”

Aurora didn’t reply with anything but more sobs. Jake buried his face in her hair and continued rubbing her back. He himself was aching horrendously at the loss of his sister, but he knew Aurora was in a much worse state than he was. He slid his hand repetitively over the soft fabric of her shirt in comfort.

“Everything will be okay,” he promised her softly. “We’ll be okay. We’re not next.” He pulled back to look her in the eyes and offered her a small smile, then he stepped back and eased toward the bedroom door. “We’re not next,” he said again, and he turned the knob and exited the room, giving her some time to be alone with her thoughts.

She stood there, staring at the door, the emptiness and unfamiliarity of the room pulsing around her. Then she whispered, “How do you know?”


~ by lilrunningback on June 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Part One: Chapter One”

  1. I could swear I had posted a comment here already *boggle* Oh well, I just saw you have a new chappie out and thought I’d check it out as well. I love the first chapter, it’s a real nice start and your “founder” is very pretty x]

  2. Wow, great start to this story, 😀 Reading some more

    • Thanks 🙂 I hope you enjoy the other chappies just as much. I try to update on a daily or almost daily basis so there’s usually a new one to read 🙂

  3. This is amazing! I canNOT wait to read more!! It’s so gripping :3

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